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world bulk wine producers

produttori mondiali di vino sfuso


Welcome to the site

the initials of the domain stand for World Bulk Wine Producers, ie world producers of bulk wine, and therefore a site is dedicated to all producers of bulk wine, musts, concentrates and spirits.

Furthermore, the site is aimed at bottling companies and intermediaries.

Each winery has the possibility to publish its data and present its company.

The intermediaries, on the other hand, can enter the batches of bulk wine that the producers have entrusted to them.

Finally, the bottling companies can find updated references on the production of wineries all over the world, including product availability.



The services we offer in this first phase of site promotion, and which are better described below, are totally free.

All published information is entered directly by manufacturing companies and brokers.

Each company or broker can publish, after registration and subsequent approval by the site administrators, their data and available bulk wines, using the form prepared for this purpose.

The only limit required of the producing companies is that the total production of bulk wine produced annually cannot be less than 10,000 HL and that the data on the site are kept up to date.

A convenience for brokers and bottlers who can find the product they need with a simple click.

We inform you that the complete consultation of all the information entered is only available for all registered users. All other visitors will only see part of the published data.

Other services under construction will subsequently be made available and will always be available on the site.


The data you find on the site are entered directly by the manufacturing companies and mediators, therefore, we are not responsible in any way for any inaccuracies or entry errors.

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